Lois Lane Reporting for Duty

Yesterday was World Teachers’ Day. I celebrated it by teaching with all the enthusiasm I give everyday. I love teaching. I love teaching all my kids.

I love teaching the students I have to encourage to share and the students that have to be reminded to raise their hand to share.

I went into teaching in 2000 with the dream to help children to become the best humans that they can become. I have had the privilege of living that dream Monday-Friday, approximately 180 days a year for the past ten years.

I would like to thank all of my parents for allowing me to have a part in helping to encourage, inspire, and engage your most precious gifts, your children.

I hope all teachers in Los Angeles and around the world had a great World Teachers’ Day. I hope yesterday was a great day or at least a building block to create a great school year.

There are no bad days in teaching, just challenges to overcome.

-LA Teacher, Lois Lane aka Mrs. F.


I would like to politely say

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