Calendar #2sirchat

Calendar of Upcoming #2sirchat

July 24: Special Education
July 31: Language- Spanish, Creole, Spanglish, Tepehua, Mandarin, Ebonics, accents, standard English and all the different ways we communicate.
August 7: Nationalism- a look at immigration & nationalism in economically oppressed rural and urban communities.
August 14: Religion- a (?) teacher in a majority Christian public school. How do you respect people’s religion when you don’t agree or notice? And all the issues in between.
August 21: Environment- Kids in economically oppressed communities often live in polluted communities, communities with no bike lanes, unsafe outside options, and less healthful food. What can we do to fix this?

#2sirchat is a chat on twitter Sundays at 4pm pacific time that deals with issues of diversity, social justice, and equitable outcomes in K12 education. It is part of a larger project 2 sir, w/ ❤.

2 sir is vl (online)
w ❤ is  irl (in real life) ←—- currently looking for photographers for that one.

We are inclusive and welcome contributions from those who teach in metropolis and rural, urban, exburbs and suburban settings. The focus of our chat, art projects, and outreach is to discuss how we can assist in achieving equitable outcomes for children who come from families who have been historically discriminated against owing to race, national origin and socioeconomic class.

It is also to push the envelope on what is diversity in K12.

A rainbow in places of power just isn’t good enough anymore.

Tolerance isn’t good enough anymore.

Having a person of every social designated group on a committee doesn’t mean anything if we still have inequitable incomes in the same groups decade after decade.

We’re setting the ground work this summer, because we have to know what we’re talking about before we get into the details.

#2sirchat will talk about issues such as:
•    Class
•    Race
•    Gender
•    LGBT
•    Disability
•    Nationalism
•    Language
•    Intra-racial
•    Your race as it relates to your students
•    Your gender as it relates to your students
•    Your class as it relates to your students
•    How can I not be part of the problem
•    How to work with the community
•    After-school programs that work
•    No one in this textbook looks like my students
•    I look like my students and this is still going nowhere
•    DIT The DO IT Together! MANTRA
•    Your suggested topics

I would like to politely say

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