Calendar #2sirchat

Calendar of Upcoming #2sirchat July 24: Special Education July 31: Language- Spanish, Creole, Spanglish, Tepehua, Mandarin, Ebonics, accents, standard English and all the different ways we communicate. August 7: Nationalism- a look at immigration & nationalism in economically oppressed rural and urban communities. August 14: Religion- a (?) teacher in a majority Christian public school. … Continue reading

Diversity in Our Classrooms, Schools, Communities, and Homes

"Do unto Others as You Would Have Them Do unto You"

This Sunday at 4pm Pacific time we will be the first #2sirchat on Twitter. Email me if you want to participate and aren’t sure how. During this chat we want to discuss what is diversity to us, what do we think diversity is to our students, and how do we use those definitions to empower … Continue reading