Yelling at a Child to Stop Yelling is Inappropriate, even in the Inner City

In college I applied for a job in South Central Los Angeles as an educational coordinator (tutor) I was asked during the interview did I know how to handle kids. I answered, “Of course I do.” I explained that I was going to school to be a teacher and that I would have lesson plans … Continue reading

Something to think about. The “Bad” Parents.

    I understand some people out there think there are “bad” parents. I understand that. I can understand that perspective, but if you’re a teacher and you think this way I want you for one second to think differently. Think about what a bad parent is and who defines it? Does a “bad” parent … Continue reading

What if….

What if…. What if my students don’t like me? Teach your students and they will. What if I have 50 kids in my class? Teach your students. What if I don’t understand my students’ culture? Teach your students and you will. What if my principal doesn’t like me? Teach your students and it won’t matter. … Continue reading