Urban, Low SES & Black Male – The single story of African-American & Latino kids in US schools.

I teach in a school in a part of town that many people call “urban”. I teach in class setting that many people call “special education”. Most people don’t know these things about me. They just  know I am a teacher. They often assume that it is in suburbia and that my students are typical … Continue reading

Yelling at a Child to Stop Yelling is Inappropriate, even in the Inner City

In college I applied for a job in South Central Los Angeles as an educational coordinator (tutor) I was asked during the interview did I know how to handle kids. I answered, “Of course I do.” I explained that I was going to school to be a teacher and that I would have lesson plans … Continue reading

The Joy for Teaching Will Not Be on Social Media

The Joy for Teaching Will Not Be on Social Media You will not be able to stay home, sisters and brothers. You will not be able to tweet, text  and earn a badge. You will not be able to lose yourself in the latest deeds by the latest pop star, Because the joy for teaching … Continue reading

Something to think about. The “Bad” Parents.

    I understand some people out there think there are “bad” parents. I understand that. I can understand that perspective, but if you’re a teacher and you think this way I want you for one second to think differently. Think about what a bad parent is and who defines it? Does a “bad” parent … Continue reading

What if….

What if…. What if my students don’t like me? Teach your students and they will. What if I have 50 kids in my class? Teach your students. What if I don’t understand my students’ culture? Teach your students and you will. What if my principal doesn’t like me? Teach your students and it won’t matter. … Continue reading

World Teachers’ Day is October 5. How are you celebrating?